What high-performance coating means for you

Healthy, safe and beautiful low-maintenance floors with a durable finish


Repels mold, bacteria and viruses.
No Stripping, waxing and buffing
Allowing healthier cleaning methods.


No Wax – No Buff – No Strip
No Harsh Chemicals
More Effective “Green Cleaners”
Single Application Lasts Years


When either wet or dry
Additional Anti-Skid
feature available


Has Withstood Millions
in Foot Traffic
Temperature and Chemical Tolerant
Expected 3-5 Years before reapply


High-Gloss Finish 
that lasts
Enhances Natural Colors
with always ‘wet’ look


Superior to Traditional Methods
in Every Way

What does it take for you to love your floors?

We’ve learned they must be:

  • Anti-Microbial (resist germs and mold)no chemicals no buffing and no time consuming processes
  • Abrasion resistant (highly durable)
  • NFSI Certified high traction (safe when wet or dry)
  • Stain, heat and chemical resistant
  • Beautiful (clear gloss finish, never buff again)
  • Easy to keep clean (never use harsh chemicals again & never strip, buff or burnish)
  • Long-lasting (3-5 years +)

You never have to use harsh chemicals on a coated surface. In fact, we recommend just cleaning with water. If you wish to you use a cleaning product, be sure it is a ph neutral product. Over time, products at the two ends of the ph scale can prematurely wear down the coating.

Microfiber pads for small areas and machines like auto-scrubbers in larger areas work great on coated floors. The key is to ‘pick-up’ or extract any water and cleaning agents you use on the floor. If the dirt, water and cleaning agents aren’t lifted back up, they will create a film over the coating and it may appear to be worn when it is really just dirty.

Finally, cleaning a coated floor is not only quick and easy, it yields better results than ever before because the dirt is easily removed from the surface of the coating. Your floors will always look great and have a glossy shine.

Sustainable, Lasting Results


Our coatings will never yellow and are expected to last 3-5 years on most floors and even longer in zero-to-low traffic areas. We provide recommendations to make the coating last and we offer an optional, extended service plan to address concerns or premature wear*. When the time comes, Perfect Touch is here to reapply the coating.

The return on your investment will be seen in the health of your facility and people, the decreased time and labor of upkeep better spent on other needs, the lasting beauty of your building, and probably some savings on cleaning products.

Save time and money with high-performance coatings!

High performance coatings are healthier, safer and last longer than traditional floor finish products. Our floor coatings last for years and require minimal maintenance and simple cleaning procedures. Regular cleaning of a floor with our coating is super fast and easy. Our coatings can protect any hard surface including: tile & grout, vinyl (VCT, LVT, LVP etc), stone, terrazzo and concrete. We can go on walls, floors, stainless steel and are anti-corrosive and anti-graffiti in addition to the high-traction, anti-microbial and highly durable attributes.

Our coatings provide a beautiful glossy look for years and can be re-applied by Perfect Touch without stripping all the way off. For areas of great traction concern, we can offer an anti-skid additive which provides grit to the high-traction surface.

Please ask for more details about the Perfect Touch Guarantee.

Because we cannot control ongoing care and maintenance of coated surfaces, we offer the following options.

Every high-performance coating project comes with our installation guarantee. We will repair any installation issues (missed spots, peeling etc) at no charge. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you notice an unusual streak or missed spot, don’t panic. Just give us a call or point it out when we come for our scheduled followup, and we will work to correct the issue at no charge. Contact us within 30 days of original installation for any issues to be covered by our installation guarantee.

Optional Extended Service Plan options include: locked-in maintenance rates, free touch-up and repair of grout sealer and free touch-up and repair of high-performance coating (peeling or premature wear). We want to boost your confidence in your new beautiful floors!

Accidental Damage to our coatings (from dropping or dragging sharp/rigid items) can be repaired for a fee.

 All subject to limitations and change without notice. Click here for more details.

Perfect Touch is your local Certified MicroGuard® Installer

Hard Surface Sealer

We provides a long lasting and stunningly beautiful finish that positively protects tile, stone and terrazzo surfaces from abrasive wear, mold growth and chemical attack.

Indoor & Outdoor

We work indoors and outdoors protecting all of your hard surfaces from concrete and pavers to tile & grout to natural stone!


You save time and money with super easy-to-clean, certified high-traction, beautiful floors!

Technical Data Sheets and MSDS for the MicroGuard products installed by Perfect Touch.

Product Testing for the MicroGuard products installed by Perfect Touch.

Technical Specifications for the MicroGuard products installed by Perfect Touch.

MicroGuard® is certified NFSI High-traction certified coating for commercial services from Perfect Touch


Perfect Touch is your local Certified ETS180® Installer

Vinyl Surface Coating

Our uniquely flexible finish protects vinyl tile, terrazzo and other hard surfaces from abrasive wear, mold growth and staining.

Mopping doesn't clean

Since 1496 string-mops have been leaving rivers of dirty water on floors only to be spread throughout a facility by foot traffic.

Never Strip, Wax or Buff Again!

Stripping, Waxing and Buffing throws floor contaminants into the air. Never strip and wax or buff and burnish your floors again!