Perfect Touch Guarantee

Our priorities are integrity, honesty and your satisfaction. With proper care and precautions, you can expect our high-performance coatings to last 3-5 years in average traffic areas. Because we cannot control the ongoing care and maintenance of the coated surfaces, Perfect Touch is limited in our ability to provide comprehensive warrantees. Please speak with us to address any specific concerns with our high-performance coatings.

Installation Guarantee – Every high-performance coating project comes with our Installation Guarantee. Installation issues, though rare, include unusual streaks in the coating, missed spots, mico-fractures, flaking, peeling or milkiness) will be fixed free of charge if brought to our attention within 30 calendar days. Repair work may take place after 30 days, but the specific issues must be brought to our attention within 30 calendar days from the date of original installation. All care & maintenance procedures, recommendations and instructions must be followed and documented!

High-Performance Coating Post-Installation Maintenance Procedures:

  1. Dry Time – No entry / No Access / No Traffic of any kind for up to 24 hours from completed install
  2. Cure Time – Foot Traffic allowed but absolutely no chemicals of any kind near / on the coating for 5 calendar days (after dry time) (clean with water only and be careful of cleaning or chemicals nearby)
  3. Ongoing Care – Neutral PH Chemicals Only, Microfiber or Extraction cleaning method. It is critical to ‘pickup’ any cleaning agents / water after cleaning. Water / chemical left on the coating may appear to cause premature wear.

The life of your coating will depend on the traffic it takes and the care it receives. It is expected that an extremely high traffic area or one that is regularly exposed to abrasive materials will not last as long as an area with less traffic or no abrasive contact. This is considered normal and means that in some cases or areas, the coating may not last the expected 3-5years before requiring repair or re-application. Perfect Touch will advise you about recommendations for extending the life of your coating.

Remember, our coatings have withstood (literally) millions in foot traffic in high profile installations like public transportation stations and high-traffic museums.


Optional Extended Service Plan:

In order to provide you with confidence in your beautiful coated surfaces, Perfect Touch offers this optional extended service plan The plan options inlcude extended warranty covering flaking, peeling, yellowing and premature wear of our high-performance coatings. Accidental damage to coating is not covered, but can be repaired for an additional cost.

Because each project is unique, we will customize your optional service plan on a case-by-case basis. While all terms and features are subject to change, our Extended Service Plan often includes:


  1. Locked-in rates for maintenance cleanings
  2. Inspection of grout sealer (clear or color) during each maintenance visit with free touch-up and repair as needed
  3. Inspection of high-performance coating during each maintenance each visit (for flaking, yellowing, peeling and premature wear) with free touch-up and repair as needed (accidental damage not included)


  1. All maintenance instructions and care recommendations must be followed
  2. Damage to coatings from scraping/dragging/dropping will incur additional fees*
  3. Maintenance cleanings must take place at least annually
  4. Agreement renewable annually for up to 5 consecutive years
  5. Touch-ups and repairs of sealer and coatings will take place during (or following) the scheduled maintenance visit


Limitations and Explanations:

Premature wear” refers to the wearing down of the coating (example: loss of glossy look) in less than the expected 3-5 year life span when all care instructions and recommendations are followed and when all other proposed conditions of remain unchanged.

Damage – While our high-performance coatings are very tough and durable, they can be damaged or scratched by dropping or dragging (or similar actions) objects across them (examples: chair legs, table legs, sharp or rigid objects, sand, gravel). This type of damage is not covered by the 30 day installation guarantee nor the optional extended service plan. Perfect Touch can repair damaged coating for a fee.

Coated surfaces can be damaged or scratched as described above as well as worn down from repeated abrasive traffic (examples: gravel, sand, salt, cleaning methods), which is not considered ‘premature wear’. Perfect Touch will provide recommendations (such as walk-off mats at door ways, and rubber or urethane chair/cart wheels) to help your coating meet or exceed your expectations.

Any guarantee or warranty made by Perfect Touch is not associated with the manufacturers of the coatings and applies ONLY to the installation of the coatings as described herein. Perfect Touch does not warranty any other aspect including but not limited to the: installation, repair, performance or look of: grout, tile, or any other material. Additionally, Perfect Touch makes no statement or guarantee as to the possibility of a slip-and-fall accident or similar incident and accepts no responsibility for any incident or accident occurring on, around or in any way related to our coating or other services, during or after installation.

Perfect Touch is not responsible for any real or potential loss incurred from an initial install, a warranty-related repair, a non-warranty related repair or a re-coat installation; including but not limited to any downtime or unavailability of your facility.

All terms of any warranty or guarantee by are subject to change at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of Perfect Touch.