Typical Carpet Cleaning

can be a drag

  • Long Dry Time
  • Sticky Residue
  • Hoses and water lines (unsightly & hazardous)
  • Noisy Equipment
  • Down Time
  • Risking damage or accidents with high water use

Our VLM Carpet Cleaning

Better Value, Lower Cost

  • Quick Dry (Avg 75min)
  • NO Sticky Residue
  • NO Hoses / Water Lines
  • Quiet Machine
  • Almost No Down Time
  • NO Risks

There is nothing inherently wrong with traditional (Hot Water Extraction, HWE, Steam) carpet cleaning. In fact, we still use HWE when it will produce the best results.
However, there is a better option for most commercial facilities
, very low moisture carpet cleaning (often referred to as VLM or encap).

High water use means you may:

  • wait a long time for carpet to dry
  • experience a sticky residue
  • see stains coming back
  • notice faster re-soiling
  • find hoses & lines running throughout your facility
  • hear a noisy truck or portable system
  • counteract any “green” efforts (tons of waste water)
  • risk water damage to floor, walls, fixtures etc.
  • risk lines leaking or accidental flooding

BUT with our low-moisture solution you:

  • love your clean carpets
  • don’t have to wait long at all
  • notice no sticky residue
  • find that stains don’t “wick” back to the surface
  • enjoy a continuing clean for 2-3 vacuumings after
  • don’t worry about trip hazards
  • don’t have loud equipment running
  • waste nothing
  • eliminate many risks

Because you deserve the BEST floor care available, from high-performance coatings on tile & grout to low-moisture carpet cleaning, we offer only the best values and most effective solutions for your floor care needs.

While both one-time and periodic services are available, your best value always comes from a customized routine maintenance schedule. 

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What about my HOME?

Low-moisture really shines in commercial applications and can work just as well in your home. Depending on carpet type, room size, walking space, stairs and stains we may be able to use this method in your home as well. Often pet-related carpet issues are better resolved with hot-water treatment.

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