Typical Carpet Cleaning

can be a drag

  • Long Dry Time
  • Sticky Residue
  • Hoses and water lines (unsightly & hazardous)
  • Noisy Equipment
  • Down Time
  • Risking damage or accidents with high water use

Our VLM Carpet Cleaning

Better Value, Lower Cost

  • Quick Dry (Avg 75min)
  • NO Sticky Residue
  • NO Hoses / Water Lines
  • Quiet Machine
  • Almost No Down Time
  • NO Risks

There is nothing wrong with traditional (Hot Water Extraction, HWE, Steam) carpet cleaning. In fact, we still use this method upon request for a premium deep-clean.
However, there is a better option for most commercial facilities and many homes
, very low moisture carpet cleaning (often referred to as VLM, encap or padcapping).

High water use means you may:

  • wait a long time for carpet to dry
  • experience a sticky residue
  • see stains coming back
  • notice faster re-soiling
  • find hoses & lines running throughout your facility
  • hear a noisy truck or portable system
  • counteract any “green” efforts (tons of waste water)
  • risk water damage to floor, walls, fixtures etc.
  • risk lines leaking or accidental flooding

BUT with our low-moisture solution you:

  • love your clean carpets
  • don’t have to wait long at all
  • notice no sticky residue
  • find that stains don’t “wick” back to the surface
  • enjoy a continuing clean for 2-3 vacuumings after
  • don’t worry about trip hazards
  • don’t have loud equipment running
  • waste nothing
  • eliminate many risks

Because you deserve the BEST floor care available, from high-performance coatings on tile & grout to low-moisture carpet cleaning, we offer only the best values and most effective solutions for your floor care needs.

While both one-time and periodic services are available, for commercial client best value always comes from a customized routine maintenance schedule. 

Residential clients can simply contact us or click the “book online” button to schedule your in-home service!

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