Most facilities and many homes have some particularly difficult flooring surfaces that are impossible to get clean. Problem areas can drive people away and tarnish your reputation and health scores.

While there is no replacement for a solid daily maintenance routine, you can make that daily routine go extremely fast while being more effective than ever! Even your troublesome areas can shine, and instead of complaints you’ll receive compliments on how great your facility looks, all with less effort than you put in now!

Doing this one thingĀ once or twice a year will make a huge difference.

No, it’s not a magic wand, and you don’t need to replace your floors. The answer is actually very simple…


Hire a professional.

That’s right; hiring a professional just once or twice a year can make your daily maintenance unbelievably easy and effective.

Now, we aren’t referring to a janitorial or cleaning service, though there are some fabulous companies that do this type of regular cleaning.

No, this is a specialist in deep-cleaning your specific types of flooring and then applying the appropriate sealers and coatings to make your life sooo much easier.

People often tell me: “Yeah, but we do all that cleaning in-house”.

Consider this: you brush your teeth every day, but periodically (usually once or twice each year) you visit your hygienist for a deep-clean that you simply can’t achieve on your own.

Your facility maintenance is no different. This specialist is just like your hygienist… but for your floors.