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Can you Spot It?

Spot the demo area!  This kitchen had been cleaned by it’s regular processes just moments before we came in to demonstrate our cleaning power. The difference in color of the clean tiles may be easy to miss on the photo, but it is a HUGE difference in-person. The difference is not just in the color of the cleaned area.The small area we cleaned is now brighter but more importantly, safer. As with most commercial kitchen floors, the build-up of soil causes slippery conditions that mopping only makes worse over time. But a deep clean removes all that build-up and an application of our high-performance coating would ensure the cleaning is a breeze and the risk of a fall is decreased exponentially with a certified high-traction surface.

Government Building Restroom

This historical government building is beautiful and iconic, but the bathrooms are nearly impossible to maintain. We deep cleaned, color sealed the grout and then applied our high performance coating!government building bathroom before and after government building bathroom before and after

Dealership Bathroom – Clean

This dealership wanted their bathrooms to be clean and healthy for their customers. We deep-cleaned and clear-sealed the grout to make it easier for their maintenance crew to keep it looking great! dealership restroom before and after deep clean dealership restroom before and after deep clean

School Bathroom Protected

bathroom floor before high performance coating
bathroom floor with high performance coating
coated and uncoated comparison polished concrete

We recently coated this school bathroom with our high performance coating for tile & grout. Look at how dull the tile seemed before, but after a deep clean and coat, the colors really pop. This bathroom is now high-traction, beautiful and will repel stains, mold and mildew! While there, we demo’d a small area of polished concrete floor that was becoming worn in places. See the difference in reflection and beauty of the coated vs uncoated concrete!

Is your Tile Vile or your GROUT GRUNGY?

It’s time to give your floors the Perfect Touch!  

Perfect Touch cleans, seals and coats your floors and hard surfaces; restoring them to their original beauty.  

Our patented coatings protect your hard surfaces with a certified high-traction, high-durability, anti-microbial, beautiful finish that’ll be easy to maintain and last for years to come.  

Call us or visit our website today to schedule your free consultation!  

5 Star Carpet Cleaning Review!

Thank you Ochre Hill Baptist Church for trusting Perfect Touch with your cleaning needs and for the 5 star review on  our Facebook page! 5 Star Positive Review Carpet cleaning

“Ochre Hill Baptist Church is thrilled with the results of carpet and tile cleaned by Perfect Touch Solutions! Work was done quickly and efficiently and price was very reasonable. Stubborn carpet stains and years of wax and dirt buildup are gone!”

Perfect Touch certified by ETS Health to install ETS180 High Performance Coating

Perfect Touch Hard Surface Solutions is proud to be a certified ETS180 high performance coating installer. The Perfect Touch team completed the required training with ETS Health. This unique coating replaces traditional wax finishes on vinyl and similar floors, and it promotes a healthy, safe, beautiful environment.

Never STRIP, WAX, BUFF or BURNISH your floors again!

Optional anti-skid feature adds texture and additional durability to this high-performance coating. For the rare case when our high gloss finish is not preferred, we offer a matte finish alternative with all the same features without the glossy look.

Healthy facilities promote healthy people. This anti-microbial finish is super easy to maintain with just water and a microfiber mop or auto-scrubber.

High Performance Coating VCT Vinyl Perfect Touch Hard Surface Solutions

Perfect Touch certified by Adsil to install Microguard ® Coatings

Perfect Touch Hard Surface Solutions is proud to be a certified Microguard ® installer. The Perfect Touch team completed the required training with Adsil, the coating creator and manufacturer. We are excited to offer this product which is certified to be high-traction, anti-microbial, anti-corrosion, and highly durable.

After a thorough deep cleaning, we can protect your tile and grout, stone and other hard surfaces to keep them looking beautiful and to protect against health hazards for years!

Optional anti-skid feature adds texture and additional grip to the already high-traction coating, for areas of high traction concern. Be sure to ask us about our Microguard clear, glossy coatings that are safe, healthy and beautiful.