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Are you ready for cold and flu season?

One of the best ways to avoid sick days is to keep your facility clean. Bathrooms tend to be breeding grounds for germs and are often the hardest areas to keep clean.

Consider a professional deep-cleaning and treatment of your tile areas this season to extract all the dirt and then seal the grout to keep those germs out.

Anti-microbial floor coatings make clean-up a breeze and ensure that no germ is left behind and any germs introduced between cleanings have no place to hide and spread.

The Value of Clean

TIP: Avoid these 5 things when pressure washing your deck

TIP: Avoid these 5 things when pressure washing your deck

We all spend so much time on our decks that cleaning them seems like an obvious decision.
Pressure washing might seem like the best way to go, because you can get great results. However, there are certain things you need to avoid when cleaning your deck. Keeping these five factors in mind will make everything much easier and much better.

Our friends at TMTDirectory.com have provided this list of 5 things to avoid if you choose to pressure wash your deck. Check it out the whole article here: http://tmtdirectory.com/2017/09/25/5-things-avoid-pressure-cleaning-deck/

1. No Preparation Before Pressure Cleaning

2. Not Keeping Weather Phenomena in Mind

3. Not Minding The Gaps

4. Hot Water Power Washing

5. Not Calling the Professionals


Porch Floor Restoration

Porch tile restoration with a deep-clean. We stripped off a very old coating with layers of dirt packed on it and applied our high-performance coating. For additional safety we also applied anti-skid grit! The porch is so much brighter and prettier with great reflection of light even when dry. 

Close-up of the anti-skid additive. It doesn’t look like much but it sure is grippy!

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

This week was all about the carpet. Our VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaning method dries quickly, leaves no sticky residue and uses very little water so there is no risk of damaging your floors or subfloors. We cleaned carpet in classrooms, offices, motel rooms, homes and a nursing care facility this week!

Do this just once or twice a year…

Most facilities and many homes have some particularly difficult flooring surfaces that are impossible to get clean. Problem areas can drive people away and tarnish your reputation and health scores.

While there is no replacement for a solid daily maintenance routine, you can make that daily routine go extremely fast while being more effective than ever! Even your troublesome areas can shine, and instead of complaints you’ll receive compliments on how great your facility looks, all with less effort than you put in now!

Doing this one thing once or twice a year will make a huge difference.

No, it’s not a magic wand, and you don’t need to replace your floors. The answer is actually very simple…


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Terrazzo deserves better than wax!

This 89yr old terrazzo floor has been covered in various types of wax product for many years.

We stripped all the old wax off the floor, deep cleaned it and then installed the high-performance coating that this floor deserves.

These restroom floors will shine for years with no buffing or waxing and are now low-maintenance and easy to clean.

A month later…

One month after deep-cleaning and sealing the grout with just our basic water-based sealer, you can still see the major difference between our work and that areas that have been just mopped regularly in this high-traffic dealership!

Government Building Restroom

This historical government building is beautiful and iconic, but the bathrooms are nearly impossible to maintain. We deep cleaned, color sealed the grout and then applied our high performance coating!government building bathroom before and after government building bathroom before and after

Dealership Bathroom – Clean

This dealership wanted their bathrooms to be clean and healthy for their customers. We deep-cleaned and clear-sealed the grout to make it easier for their maintenance crew to keep it looking great!

dealership restroom before and after deep clean dealership restroom before and after deep clean