Restroom Restoration

Restrooms seem to be the recurring theme in our work. Probably because they are both the nastiest places in a facility AND the absolute hardest to clean. This community center bathroom is cleaned nightly with either a mop or an auto-scrubber. But despite constant upkeep, the floor is still dirty, not to mention rather dull. We deep cleaned this restroom to reveal beautiful textured tile and then applied our high-performance coating which drastically enhanced the colors in the tile, made the floor super easy to clean and created a wonderful glossy reflection.

Trouble Floor

This dealership had a floor coating that was failing shortly after being installed. It was flaking up across the showroom. As a demonstration, we stripped/cleaned a small area and coated with our high-performance coating so they could experience a durable, lasting high gloss floor that is easy to keep looking great!

Porch Floor Restoration

Porch tile restoration with a deep-clean. We stripped off a very old coating with layers of dirt packed on it and applied our high-performance coating. For additional safety we also applied anti-skid grit! The porch is so much brighter and prettier with great reflection of light even when dry. 

Close-up of the anti-skid additive. It doesn’t look like much but it sure is grippy!

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

This week was all about the carpet. Our VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaning method dries quickly, leaves no sticky residue and uses very little water so there is no risk of damaging your floors or subfloors. We cleaned carpet in classrooms, offices, motel rooms, homes and a nursing care facility this week!

Terrazzo deserves better than wax!

This 89yr old terrazzo floor has been covered in various types of wax product for many years.

We stripped all the old wax off the floor, deep cleaned it and then installed the high-performance coating that this floor deserves.

These restroom floors will shine for years with no buffing or waxing and are now low-maintenance and easy to clean.

A month later…

One month after deep-cleaning and sealing the grout with just our basic water-based sealer, you can still see the major difference between our work and that areas that have been just mopped regularly in this high-traffic dealership!

Bathrooms are the worst!

After a demonstration in one bathroom, this elementary school chose to have us deep clean and apply our high-performance coating to 12 more of their restrooms. Now the custodial crew can spend less time cleaning these floors while maintaining excellent results, plus these floors now repel dirt, germs, and mildew and are high-traction even when wet!

Can you Spot It?

Spot the demo area!  This kitchen had been cleaned by it’s regular processes just moments before we came in to demonstrate our cleaning power. The difference in color of the clean tiles may be easy to miss on the photo, but it is a HUGE difference in-person. The difference is not just in the color of the cleaned area.The small area we cleaned is now brighter but more importantly, safer. As with most commercial kitchen floors, the build-up of soil causes slippery conditions that mopping only makes worse over time. But a deep clean removes all that build-up and an application of our high-performance coating would ensure the cleaning is a breeze and the risk of a fall is decreased exponentially with a certified high-traction surface.

Government Building Restroom

This historical government building is beautiful and iconic, but the bathrooms are nearly impossible to maintain. We deep cleaned, color sealed the grout and then applied our high performance coating!government building bathroom before and after government building bathroom before and after

Dealership Bathroom – Clean

This dealership wanted their bathrooms to be clean and healthy for their customers. We deep-cleaned and clear-sealed the grout to make it easier for their maintenance crew to keep it looking great! dealership restroom before and after deep clean dealership restroom before and after deep clean

School Bathroom Protected

bathroom floor before high performance coating
bathroom floor with high performance coating
coated and uncoated comparison polished concrete

We recently coated this school bathroom with our high performance coating for tile & grout. Look at how dull the tile seemed before, but after a deep clean and coat, the colors really pop. This bathroom is now high-traction, beautiful and will repel stains, mold and mildew! While there, we demo’d a small area of polished concrete floor that was becoming worn in places. See the difference in reflection and beauty of the coated vs uncoated concrete!

Carpet Cleaning Area Rug Demo by Perfect Touch

Carpet Cleaning demo Perfect Touch

This once pretty, white rug was brown and stained when we got ahold of it. While we specialize in hard surface solutions like cleaning, sealing and coating, Perfect Touch is equipped and trained to clean your carpet too!

School Bathroom Tile Cleaning Demo by Perfect Touch

We demo’d our cleaning system at an elementary school bathroom this morning. This client chose a bathroom corner for the demo area and look at the difference!

This thorough deep cleaning of the tile and grout could be followed by either grout sealer or our NFSI certified high-traction coating. Protect the floors and the children is important and we have just the solution!

Elementary School Bathroom Floor demo, Perfect Touch Hard Surface Solutions

New Church Bathroom Demo Cleaning by Perfect Touch

Church Bathroom Cleaning Demo, Perfect Touch Hard Surface Solutions

It doesn’t take long for soil to build up from just mopping without extraction. This well-maintained church building is only a couple of years old and is cleaned regularly. Even so, you can still see the difference in our system over just mopping this men’s room. We deep clean the tile and grout and then seal the grout lines with a water base sealer. Our Microguard® high-traction, anti-microbial coating will keep this restroom healthy and beautiful for many years!

Restaurant Lobby Tile Cleaning Demo by Perfect Touch

Restaurant Lobby Cleaning Demo Perfect Touch Hard Surface Solutions

“If you can get this black spot up, you’re amazing” said the manager of a local restaurant. Needless to say, the black spot in question is no more! You can see the difference between the area we did and the untouched tile on the other side of the door. After a good deep tile and grout cleaning, some grout sealer or our high-traction, anti-microbial floor finish will keep this area looking great for years and make it much easier for the staff to keep clean during their regular maintenance.