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Curing your biggest headaches of commercial floor care - Health, Safety, Beauty and Sustainability

Restrooms make up only 5% of a building’s footprint
but account for up to 68% of total contamination

Bathroom building footprint
68percent contamination from bathrooms

Traditional cleaning methods (ie – mop and bucket) haven’t changed in hundreds of years. String mops can’t remove grime and germs from porous materials like grout so they leave behind rivers of filth to be tracked throughout your building by foot traffic.

  • It’s hard to get grout really clean, but we bring the perfect tools.
  • Coloring the clean grout gives a great new uniform look.
  • High-performance coating means beautiful and easy-to-clean.

Upgrade your floors, making them safe (high-traction), healthy (anti-microbial) and beautiful (glossy) for years to come.

4 ways we can help in your commercial facility

  1. Restorative Deep Clean
  2. Sealing / Color Sealing
  3. High performance Coating
  4. Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning (VLM)

These commercial Services are available in:

  • western North Carolina
  • north Georgia
  • upstate South Carolina
  • east Tennessee

We are currently serving:

  • car dealerships
  • city hall
  • schools (public and private)
  • churches
  • county facilities
  • restaurants


Who can benefit from the Perfect Touch? 
Staff, visitors, and customers of:

Event Centers
Amusement Parks
Hospitals and Medical Offices
Shops & Shopping Centers
Office Buildings

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Never Scrub, Strip, Wax, Buff or Burnish again!

Maintaining your floors has never been so easy and harsh chemicals are a thing of the past.

no chemicals no buffing and no time consuming processes

You never have to use harsh chemicals on a coated surface. In fact, we recommend just cleaning with water. If you wish to you use a cleaning product, be sure it is a ph neutral product. Over time, products at the two ends of the ph scale can prematurely wear down the coating.

Microfiber pads for small areas and machines like auto-scrubbers in larger areas work great on coated floors. The key is to ‘pick-up’ or extract any water and cleaning agents you use on the floor. If the dirt, water and cleaning agents aren’t lifted back up, they will create a film over the coating and it may appear to be worn when it is really just dirty.

Finally, cleaning a coated floor is not only quick and easy, it yields better results than ever before because the dirt is easily removed from the surface of the coating. Your floors will always look great and have a glossy shine.

Our coatings will never flake or yellow and are expected to last 3-5 years on most floors and even longer in zero-to-low traffic areas. We provide recommendations to make the coating last and we offer an optional, extended warranty against flaking, yellowing and premature wear*. When the time comes, Perfect Touch is here to reapply the coating.

The return on your investment will be seen in the health of your facility and people, the decreased time and labor of upkeep better spent on other needs, the lasting beauty of your building, and probably some savings on cleaning products.

Save time and money with high-performance coatings!

High performance coatings are healthier, safer and last longer than traditional floor finish products. Our floor coatings last for years and require minimal maintenance and simple cleaning procedures. Regular cleaning of a floor with our coating is super fast and easy. Our coatings can protect any hard surface including: tile & grout, vinyl (VCT, LVT, LVP etc), stone, terrazzo and concrete. We can go on walls, floors, stainless steel and are anti-corrosive and anti-graffiti in addition to the high-traction, anti-microbial and highly durable attributes.

Our coatings provide a beautiful glossy look for years and can be re-applied by Perfect Touch without stripping all the way off. For areas of great traction concern, we can offer an anti-skid additive which provides grit to the high-traction surface.

Available Commercial Services: Hard Surface Deep Cleaning (Tile & Grout, Natural Stone, VCT) Grout Sealing, Natural Stone Sealing, Color Sealing (Changes the look of an entire space by coloring the grout), Floor Finishes/Coating for long lasting protection and minimal ongoing maintenance and Low Moisture, Quick Dry Commercial Carpet Cleaning.