Grout and Stone are Full of Holes

Sealing those holes gives dirt no place to hide

Close the Dirt Traps with Sealer

Raw cement really doesn’t belong in a bathroom or kitchen or any area where germs are prevalent. Dirt, grime and germs infiltrate porous materials and grow and spread. Yet, most tile installations still include cement-based grout because it can be less expensive, easier to work with and easier to clean up (initially).

Sealer for porous materials (like grout and some stone) protects your floors from dirt particles and water finding their way into tiny holes and cracks in the surface. While epoxy grouts and some other materials that don’t need to be sealed are becoming more common, most tile still has cement-based grout in the joints which needs to be sealed periodically.

Sealing also makes routine cleaning easier and more effective, because grime, water and cleaning agents will stay on top of the floor rather than soaking into it. The lifespan of your seal product will depend on the quality as well as your traffic and cleaning habits.

Clear Sealer

Basic penetrating sealer for grout.
Water-based and visually unnoticeable.
Commercial lifespan – 1yr


“Clear Shield” 
Premium penetration for grout & stone.
Water-based and visually unnoticeable.
Commercial lifespan – 3-5yrs +

Color Sealer

Deep cleaning can expose permanently stained or discolored grout.

Color seal solves this problem creating a uniform, beautiful look.

Last up to 10yrs depending on traffic and care.

We recommend color sealer under our high-performance coatings as the grout lines will be inaccessible after applying the coating layer.