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We know you HATE that your floors are

impossible to clean floorsImpossible to Cleanunsanitary floors Unsanitarytime consuming floors Time Consumingdangerously slippery floorsDangerously Slippery

How much time are you spending on your floors? 
Are all your efforts resulting in healthy, safe and beautiful floors?

The truth is, everyone struggles to maintain these types of floors.
We deep-clean, seal and coat tile & grout and other hard surfaces.
Our clients enjoy healthy, safe and beautiful low-maintenance floors.

               You’ll LOVE when your floors are               

anti-microbial floor coating


Anti-Microbial resistance to mold, bacteria and virus growth

NFSI certified high-traction


High-Traction Certified by NFSI in both wet and dry conditions
durable floor coating


Extreme temperature, chemical and traffic tolerance
beautiful high-gloss floors


Easy-to-clean, no-buff, high gloss, beautiful finish.

3 Steps to Get You Started

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A free demonstration is the best way to experience our results.

How to Get Started

2. Select Priority Area(s)

Your restrooms are usually a great place to start.

3 Steps to Get You Started

3. Experience the Difference

Enjoy your low-maintenance, beautiful floors.

When we say “easy-to-clean” and “low-maintenance”, we mean it.

  • No Buffing
  • No Burnishing
  • No Stripping
  • No Waxing
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Non-stick, repelling properties
  • “Green Cleaners” are more effective
  • Glossy Smooth Surface (no place for grime to stick)
  • Cleans with microfiber, water & neutral PH soap.
  • Auto-scrubbers & floor machines are ok
  • Extreme chemical and temperature tolerance
  • Long Lasting Benefits (3-5 years+ per treatment)
  • Durable (has withstood millions in foot traffic)

Remember, everyone struggles to maintain these surfaces,
You too can enjoy healthy, safe and beautiful low-maintenance floors.

3 ways we make your existing floors beautiful and easy to clean

Restorative Results
on a 
Periodic Recurring Schedule

or as
Prep for Sealing & Coating

Professional Deep Clean

Close the Dirt Traps
Clear Protection

or add a
Pop of Color

Seal / Color Seal

The Ultimate Goal
of true 

on a
Healthy, Safe, Beautiful Surface

High Performance Coating

How do your floors compare?

Impossible to Cleanimpossible to clean floors

 Unsanitaryunsanitary floors

 Time Consumingtime consuming floors

Dangerously Slipperydangerously slippery floors

beautiful low-maintenance glossEasy & Beautiful

anti-microbial floor coatingAnti-Microbial

strong and durable coatingResilient & Durable

NFSI certified high traction coatingHigh-Traction

We are excited to answer all of your questions about:

  • Restorative Results with Professional Deep Cleaning
  • Closing the Dirt Traps with Sealing / Color Sealing porous surfaces
  • Ultimate low-maintenance and beauty with High-Performance Coating

…for tile & grout, terrazzo, concrete, vinyl, and stone.
And quick-dry, convenient cleaning for commercial carpet.

Getting started is easy

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*Free demos consist of our cleaning services in an area under 100sq ft. Larger areas or demos of color/seal and high-performance coating may be available at a one-time discounted rate.

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